Dare Dorm 16

Dare Dorm 16 Apparently college students now a days will do anything to join a Sorority. That’s the case for these three horny girls that wanna join the sorority so bad, they are willing to do anything they tell them to do. This can go the bad way, or the really good way. Fortunately for us it didn’t just go the really good way, it went the really naughty, sexy way. These future sorority sisters were willing to get completely naked, give lapdances, kiss each other, give head, get eaten out, get fucked and whatever else they can think of. An initiation party became a college orgy in no time. By the end of it all I don’t think any of the girls knew if they got into the sorority or not. I’m pretty sure they didn’t care anyways.


Every time there is an all girl submission here at daredorm, we know it’s gonna be a really hot episode, and this time these girls did not disappoint. After a few drinks and some bad mouthing some old boy-friends, one of the girls comes clean and says she’s been with another girl before. That started the avalanche of questions from the other girls, and all of that talk led to the taking out of the dildo. What once was a group of innocent girls hanging out in the dorm became a race to see who could cum first. There were so many ways these girls ate pussy and played with that dildo, it was unbelievable.

In It To Win It

California girls are so so hot, as you will see in this latest submission. Having the knowledge of winning some real cash makes for a perfect crazy party. These girls even went down to the boys bathroom in search of hot guys to party with, and of course none of the guys they found said no to the idea of partying with a bunch of hotties. Once back in the form, things got a little crazy. Everything from a naughty game of truth or dare to a double pussy eating contest. We got to see big boobs, gorgeous asses and some crazy sex positions. Truly a party for the ages.


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